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An introduction to each of my published books:

Expendable [Excerpt]
Introducing the League of Peoples Universe and Festina Ramos of the Technocracy Explorer Corps. Festina and her partner are assigned to escort an admiral on an exploration mission...but it soon becomes apparent that the mission is simply an excuse to get rid of the admiral before he becomes a public embarrassment. (By the way, check this out. Do you think someone owes me royalties?)
Commitment Hour [Excerpt]
Every summer in the town of Tober Cove, all the children are taken away in an airplane. When they return, all the boys are girls and all the girls are boys. At the age of twenty-one, the children must decide which gender they'll be for the rest of their life. Commitment Hour deals with the day leading up to the hero's final decision.
On the planet Demoth, the Vigil is a watchdog agency keeping watch for government corruption. Members of the Vigil are kept honest by a brain implant that makes it impossible for them to ignore the consequences of their actions. In Vigilant, a member of the Vigil and Festina Ramos investigate a threat that might kill every human on the planet.
Hunted [Excerpt]
Edward York doesn't think he's special. He's wrong. In fact, he's about to find out he holds the key to ending a twenty-year-long civil war on the alien planet Troyen, not to mention revealing corruption at the heart of the Technocracy navy. [Yes, Festina Ramos is in this one.]
Oar is beautiful. Oar is made of glass. Oar is smarter than you...except that her brain is getting tired. She must go on a Great Adventure with her faithful sidekick Festina in order to conquer her enemies. [I think Oar is the funniest character I've ever written. She's a hoot.]
Trapped [Excerpt]
Meanwhile, back on Earth... Trapped takes place on Earth at the same time as the Festina Ramos books. A group of slacker high-school teachers investigate the death of one student and the kidnapping of another. With high-tech magic and a really cool monster...
First, there's the sentient red moss that invades and envelopes a domed city. Then, there's the mayday from a newly-colonized planet where everyone has disappeared. And that's not to mention that our heroine is being eaten from within by an alien parasite that's affecting her mind. [The most recent Festina Ramos story, where a number of secrets are revealed.]
Lara Croft and the Man of Bronze
How could I turn down the chance to write a Lara Croft book? It was fun from start to finish—lots of action, with mutant mastodons, giant eels, and even an evil twin!
Gravity Wells
A collection of short fiction, including the very first League of Peoples tale and a wide range of science fiction/fantasy. Nominated for the 2006 Sunburst Award.
Tesseracts 20, co-edited with Spider Robinson
Coming in 2016

And here's information about my not-quite-published novel, Fire and Dust.

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